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The extraordinary power that gives us to wear black goes back colors of years ago, not only woman didn't have that much selection of prints and colorful fabrics that we have now but we also knew that wearing black until this day gives the woman's figure an instant sensational slim down, it is the representation of elegance and sophistication and you can never go wrong when choosing this shade for any occasion.


My style has evolved with the years, in the past I have chosen and worn many crazy colors and patterns and styles, but now a days preferring a minimal chick look, with black being my favorite color because of its sexy serious and mysterious connotations.


The ensemble was design by Michaela, a fashion brand dedicated to create new fabrics and garments to complement the woman figure and empower every desire we have to rule the world of our imagination where anything is possible. 


So I encourage you to pursue what makes you feel sexy glamorous and chick, and no matter what color it is the one you chose to wear, the best accessories you can pair it with is Confidence.


Al Jaramillo
 Sam Edelman
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