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"Life is but a dream... so dream big"


It's true, my heart's desires are so strong that anything I ever wanted was given to me incredibly fast and exactly the way I imagined it... By who? Well I would like to thank the universe, god, nature, animals, people, even things, because all of them have brought  me moments of happiness and learning.


I just finished reading a book called "Start with why" by Simon Sinek, it talks about finding out the reason of our existance, the why of our daily lives. He applies his knowledge comparing various companies that are so succesful because they have loyal customers, and it is not about the action you realize or how are you transmitting the message, neither is about the product or service because that is the result of those actions, the most important thing is to find out your own beliefs and message to the world.


I am always courious on how to inspire others around me to belief in themselves. I knew since very young that somehow magic is real but at the time couldnt find the words or actions to express it. Living in different cities, talking to many people with other beliefs and meditating I found my reason of expression on this plane of reality and it is to inspire others to make their dreams come true. Every single word I say and action I do reflects that urgency to comunicate my message.


My word to you who is reading this:

Be sure that I know how amazing you are, you came here to create and learn from your experiences so take advantage of all the moments you live, absorb them and let go of anything that is not part of you. You are not alone, you will never be alone. Dream every day, the more you imagine and aspire to be the more of those experiences you will get. Remember you are what you think, eat, speak and do.









Camilo Yepes
Vince Camuto
Face / Diorskin  AirFlash 300
Eyes / Dior 5 Couleurs Couture
Burberry Effortless liquid liner
Clinique Hi Impact Extreme mascara
Lips / Burberry Kisses - Crimson Pink
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