stolen art before it was stolen.JPG
this is stolen art 2018.jpeg


the story

2015 was the year when I started painting in Miami, the canvas you see here is the first canvas I bought,

I got a great deal for it coz it was 30% off due to a bend somewhere in there and my young artistic spirit considered it to be something worth writing about.


The first place it was hung, without a frame, at the time, was the Wynwood main offices of Dr Smood, the vegan organic coffee shop that was the rage of the town and where all the coolest people went to get their $8 lattes, it almost got sold to the accountant there for $700 but his wife didn't let him buy it and I guess this painting had a long way to go before someone would own it.

The first name of this painting was Dancing Rain.

I framed it in the same place I bought it, the biggest art store in Miami called Easel Art & Supply in North Miami. The owner, Mark Glicksman was a lonely and awkward individual but he always believed in me since the first day we met, for no apparent reason at all, maybe he hoped that I one day would become a well known artist, he framed this painting for me for free because at the time I couldn't afford the frame or the framing job. Then I installed it at the HGAB studios where I had my first official Art Studio my dream come true!! and eventually I wrote on top of it, as you can see in the video, the name of the piece: This is Stolen ART.

The reason behind the name was simple, I was reading a book by the author Austin Kleon, called steal like an artist, and then it came to me that this is what I shall write on the artwork, off course I had no idea that eventually this piece would be actually stolen a year later..... 

the stolen artwork painted over.jpeg

Eventually, I decided by the end of 2018 that I had to move on and create new challenges for myself and my career and I terminated my month to month contract for my art studio, so had to figure out where I was going to leave all my paintings and creations, I was living with Do What You Love artist coz we where together but there was not enough space in our studio for all my stuff so I asked my friends to hold some of the paintings for me and the last painting which was the stolen art one, I left at a Gallery in Wynwood, run by a very weird individual called Ori, The same person who gave this painting to another artist who painted over it, a blue hair no face naked woman, the way I found out about it was because DWYL artist messaged me while I was in Colombia, telling me that someone had painted over my art and that Ori told him not to tell me....

I was livid, how was it possible that ''This is Stolen Art'' was actually stolen and painted over!!! why did it happen?

Well it happened because of a reason, it created a story, it gave my painting a life of its own, it gave another artist the opportunity of expression.... and it gave me the power to Steal it Back and to tell the story of how I did it.