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proyecto tulum

Live painting and exhibiting my art in Proyecto Tulum for Miami Art week 2020.

miss frais live painitng proyecto tulum

This story is also about how I turned this skirt into a piece of artwork.

miss frais custom painted ball gowm.JPG

Three years ago I was walking around Wynwood when I saw this amazing door, as you know I have a thing for doors, whenever I see one that looks particularly interesting to me I tend to open it. In this case, I walked into what I would call paradise, designer dresses on sale, and lots of happy people working together, it was Style Saves.

I saw this ball gown on the rack and when I tried it on everyone loved it and where cheering for me to get it so I did. Two years later here we are and I had the best idea to paint myself an outfit for Art Basel Week in Miami.

Miss Frais and Knucci in the design dist

I painted this skirt at our art studio in Golden Beach, it was Knucci, my art pal and partner in crime, who inspired me to create this piece because I finally had found a place that I could be myself and create 24/7. 

In the photo above Knucci and I met in Wynwood to spend the afternoon together, this is my favorite photo of us.

miss frais art exhibit proyecto tulum.JP

Many people loved my hand painted skirt and took photos, some of them asked me if I was getting married and all the children said I was a princess, which I really felt like a princess 👸

miss frais art exhibit proyecto tulum ar

I want to remind you all that if you have a dream, no matter how big and impossible it seems, I can assure you that you have the power to make it come true, all you have to do is to believe in yourself and your capabilities to bring that idea to the real world.

miss frais art exhibit proyecto tulum 20

Two of my favorite people in this photo together!! Juan Esguerra on the left and Daniel Soto on the right. They are both creative geniuses, Juan is the one who organized this exhibit in Proyecto Tulum and Daniel was the creator of another art exhibit I was a part of in Colombia, Frozen Colors. Thank you guys for your love and support and for believing in me even when I didn't.

love notes by miss frais and knucci art

Same day but earlier, Knucci and I went all over wynwood giving away this love letters that had a beautiful motivation note inside and a couple of our stickers and a special two dollar bill that was hand painted by both of us.

knucii and miss frais giving away love l

This guys where from Seattle and the ones to receive the first one of out letters, such an exciting moment for me and Knucci as we saw how happy it made them.

MISS FRAIS ART EXHIBIT proyecto tulum 20
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