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"You are a Magician, one of those who cant stop doing new tricks... and I Love it." 



That Saturday I was feeling curious about meeting Alex, the photographer who my friend Melissa had done a photoshoot with. I talked to him before on whatsapp about some ideas I had, with make up artist, stylist, location and so many things...but then I realized that since it was going to be our first time collaborating it was better to let go with the flow, and start with simplicity.


I remembered my first photoshoots and how it was all about the moment, the expression of movement and feelings, to capture the light in the eyes and how nothing could go wrong because beauty is created from the imperfection of the universe.

To be happy and to be free you should do what feels right and what you enjoy the most. When you love what you do you never feel like you have to work, each day is the perfect moment and you live in the present.

I think one should try many things to dicover which one of them we excell and are most happy doing, succes will come along the way as long as you are constant in what you do, it will feel so easy and beautiful.


Just like my Perfect Day with Alex Mejía in his photo studio in Bogotá. I can describe it like a fairy tale come true, we got along ride away and talked about life and our dreams, he told me his story and I was fascinated with his talent, his way to explain the world around him and how he saw it. I felt blessed to be able to learn and create with this amazing soul. It was a privilege and a honor, besides really fun and intense.I got to learn about me and how to recreate in my mind that inspiration and feeling to move and express through my body.


One of the things I enjoy more is to dance in private with the music turnt up. I took ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance lessons since I was 7 and my body just cant stop moving when I hear my favorite tunes. 


My favorite part was when we played the Selena Gomez song " The heart wants what it wants" and I got to dance as he captured my moves and feelings following me around the apartment, it was a conection and trust he had aquired from me in just moments of talking and laughing, and as I was twirling around my mind went out of my body and my soul was dancing with the existance of imagination and reality at the same time.


Thats how we created my very first PerfectDayProject that I still feel in my heart. At the end we drink some tea and went to eat one of the best pizzas ever @ Armando Records 


You can watch the fashion film we did HERE.






Alex Mejía
Steve Madden
Free People
Face / Diorskin  AirFlash 300
Eyes / Too Faced Boudoir eyes - Sugar Walls
Makeup Forever Aqua liner - Diamond Gold
Tarte Best in Lash Fibers - Best in Faux
Lips / Clinique Chubby Stick - Mega Melon
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