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"A ceirtain darkness is needed to see the stars, close your eyes and you will see yourself."




Travelling to the ocean is one of my favorite things to do, my mom took me to the black sea in Crimea for the first time when I was 5 years old, I remember playing in the water all day every day for one month pretending to be a mermaid, it was the vacations I will never forget, spending time with her and being one with the water was my dream come true, for me nothing else mattered.


This time I visited Tolu, in the coast of Colombia. Here I had the pleasure to enjoy a full week of relaxing in front of the ocean, and every morning wake up to an enchanted air filled with the sounds of nature, the sun kissed my skin making it golden brown and I felt like a cinamon roll fresh out of the oven.


I still played in the water pretending to be a mermaid, only this time I wasn't alone, my new mermaid friend Majo was with me every day, she is 12 and the sweetest girl I know, she made this trip extraordinary and very special.


And I got to wear my new bikini!! that I was saving since December, I really wanted to wear it for a special ocasion and a photoshoot was just the perfect excuse, so I waited paciently until almost the last day to wear it, because I wanted to make sure I had that golden glow on my skin :)  


My amazing friend Brianna gave me one the the coolest bags I ever had and it was my life saver on the beach, I took it with me every day and I put all my books and sun tan lotions in it, it looks like its not that wide but I can fit everything I need and more. Make sure you check out her website its linked on the descriptions at the end of the post.










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