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"A place to love, laugh, play, write, talk and so much more..... that is your heart."




When I first saw you the first thing I felt was trust.... I trusted you right away without hesitating for a second.

I didnt knew who you where but your eyes and the way you looked at me was mesmerizing, like somehow you knew me and we had an inside secret that nobody else knew. I didnt wanted to leave you that night after we walked for hours on the beach and I held on to you like we where an old couple since the beggining of times.

It was our first day sharing words and was the day I will never forget.


One of the things I cherish the most was our long hours sitting at the cafe, working on our dreams and learning from each other, how you would smile and look at me while I was writting, knowing our paths finally crossed and we could spend all this time together.


You made me believe in love at first sight, or as you and me like to say... we recognized each other soul from past lives and we realized that in this life we could share our love that has grown since then.


And here I am enjoying a delightful afternoon thinking of you, wishing to spend the rest of my life with your crazy mind and bizzare thoughts, planning to absorb like a sponge everything you can teach me, all your love and affection and more, much much more.


Even if our paths have to separate for some time, even if distance is so long in miles, my love for you is timeless and it will forever return to you life after life, world after world, we will always be toghether, we will never be apart.





Camilo Yepes
Pull & Bear
Soia & Kyo
Pavo Irreal
Sam Edelman
Face / Diorskin  AirFlash 300
Eyes / Dior 5 Couleurs Couture
Burberry Effortless liquid liner
Clinique Hi Impact Extreme mascara
Lips / Burberry Kisses - Crimson Pink
Urbania Cafe
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