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Maria Tokareva street art graffiti

- FRAIS /fʀɛ, fʀɛʃ/ - cool, fresh 

I create because of the urge to express myself, it is the reason of my existence and what keeps me going forward with my life, I paint to expose my purpose and to inspire other people to find their reason to exist, their passion and happiness.


I paint every single day, I feel a rush inside and it must come out of my body into an object whether is canvas, paper or a piece of clothing. The feeling must be released into the world and transformed into something that can be seen and touched.

Music is one of the main sources of inspiration in my process and Dancing is a ritual incorporated in my technique for painting. 

My style is accidental emotionism, I paint my feelings, I don't paint things you can see or that exist in the realm world.


This Inspiration comes from experiences, places of my mind and memories. I don't sketch before hand, I just have an urge to express and I sit down and just start doing it, it makes me feel so happy, I do it because of that feeling.

I want to instigate people to be curious for the what if, and to act upon it, to believe in the freedom of doing what makes them happy.


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