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Miss Frais X House of AMZ exhibit.jpeg

I got the honor to showcase the painting I created inspired in her collection.

The House of Amz is showcasing the new collection in London Fashion week and this was a preview for the Miami community.

Miss Frais X House of AMZ exhibit.jpeg

The collection talks about that moment when you realize what is coming next but you are still at that point in your reality that what you want haven’t manifested.

“Self_ In Anticipo” is the third installment to the “Self_” series. It personifies a moment of extreme anticipation for what is coming. A sensation of already achieving your next step mentally, but being lucidly aware that you’re not quite there in reality. It captures moments of “in between” and rushing through the motions as well moments to pause and enjoy your reality – hence the yoga incorporation.

AmZ creates “one-of-a-few” made for you clothing based on eco- conscious and less waste philosophy

Miss Frais X House of AMZ exhibit.jpeg

This collection Brings to life the concept of “Self_” which represents both a spiritual and material journey into discovering  who we are and helping you to do the same.

You can find House of AmZ designs in shops caring exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, online or at one of the international pop-up events held through the year.

The pop up show case was held at the sustainable fashion Pivot Market in Miami at the Citadel building.

Miss Frais X House of AMZ exhibit.jpeg

Thank you so much to everyone that made this special night happen

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delicious vegan gelato by @biancogelato_

The jewelry was provided by @simplynaturebiogoods and the yoga mats by @merrkaba.


Both brands create a lifestyle promoting well being fitting seamlessly into the AmZ mentality.

Music provided by @90culture @wexthemaster

Miss Frais X House of AMZ exhibit.jpeg