frozen colors medellin

This was my first art exhibit in Medellin Colombia, held at the Arte Loft Gallery in El Poblado.

Live painting everyones outfits and having so much fun dancing around with the beautiful live music.

We had more than two thousand people come and support this event that lasted over the weekend

My collection for this exhibit was called the five stages of love by Miss Frais, these are the folowwing:






You can also appreciate the art woks of CH Pulgarin who showcased along with me and another 14 artists.

My gorgeous fashionista friend Vale Gallego was there wearing a Miss Frais Jacket and looking elegant and radiant, it made me so happy to see her and feel her support, we danced and ate frozen Yogurt, Ohh Madelo makes the best froyo ever >)  I Love You So Much!!!

Marianna Rigoni gave a free collage class to the kids and they created some crazy gorgeous artworks I was super impressed. Everyone had so much fun and it was for me the best part of the event to see everyone creating and being free.

I was impressed to see so many people wearing Miss Frais!!!! 

Sebastian Chamorro one of my dear friends and fashion fotographer with a hand painted jacket by Miss Frais.

Daniel Soto was the art curator and created all the concept and campaign behind the most attended art event in the history of Medellin!!

Supported by his team @574Lab and sponsored by Madelo this Urban Art Exhibit was the most talked about event of the city.

CH Pulgarin my great friend and big inspiration, I love your crazy ideas and the fact that all of them come to life!!!​

Another one of my talented friends Shamo who was also exhibiting and is an excellent graffiti artists and Tatto expert. He commissioned me to paint his outfit for the event, like Best Day Eva! it was my pleasure to paint it.

On the Left artist Yaffaz with future superstar Maxi on the right. Both my great friends and I respect them so much, you guys look like brothers too lol

My adored fashion photographer who draws the best cartoons and stories! Thank you so much for being at the event with such short notice, Carlos Lopez aka GIGIO my Aquaman!

Funny story I have a video when I was vandalizing the gallery wall because I thought everyone will be signing the wall and the expression on CH Pulgarin's face is priceless!!!! 

Best Moments of 2019 for sure this one jajajaja