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Maria Tokareva Wynwood artist of the month
Maria Tokareva Wynwood artist of the month


Let me tell you a little story..... two years ago was my first Art Basel experience, I could have never imagine how deep of an impact it would leave in my heart. At that time I only had been in Miami for 6 months and because of my fashion blog I got passes to almost every single art fair event and expo I desired. It struck me that I must put together my own "Frais art show" and with a little help of a friend of mine, I got a bunch of papers and painted a huge sign on a card board, then we tapped this sign and some of my art drawings to the side wall of Nomad Tribe store and played music. There was no one around but we didn't cared, all I wanted was to feel that I was participating and somehow showcasing my work, even if it was out on the streets sitting in the floor, painting and dancing.

And this year after working hard and painting every day, I got chosen to be Artist of the month in Wynwood.

I discovered that believing in myself no matter what is what got me here and its just the beginning of my life art adventure....



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