For my Bday I always wanted to trow a painting party with my artists friends and this was the perfect year to do it!! The fact that it was planned in 15 minutes still amazes me...I was sitting at coolto when Coyote showed up with a new guy I have never seen before. Shamo nice to meet you, he introduced himself and we where best friends instantaneously, he asked me what I was doing and I said planning an art party to which he said can I help? and 10 minutes later he had a flyer ready and a lineup of artists ready to paint the town!!! 

In the photo above you can find his tag in the upper right corner #Shamo8

Here we are the three of us the day of the event having the best time of our lives, being free and creating, sharing, laughing and dreaming together. ( Shamo8, Miss Frais, Coyote )

From left to right Coyote, Shamo8, Miss Frais, Yaffaz. Collaborating on multiple pieces, it was the best bday art party of my life, thank you so much guys for making it such an event!

Here is Luis and Majo supporting me and asking me to paint their tshirts!! I have a video that I am dying to post about that moment!

Off course I was wearing a white dress so everyone could paint it and leave their tags, here the boys starting to work on my dress.

Yaffaz was the first one to put a hand on the miss frais canvas

Danny representing!!! I love your music and it means the world to me that you showed up with the best presents!

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