blockchain center medellin

Its a funny story how this whole thing came together, I was having lunch with my friend and fashion photographer Sebastian Chamorro at this vegan restaurant called Verdeo, as we finished eating and we are about to leave I noticed a sign, all the way across the street in the other building and it said Blockchain Center!! In Medellin! are you kidding me! The excitement took over me and I dragged Sebastian with me to go meet the people working at this place.....

They are the founders of the blockchain center in Colombia with whom I met that day, I remember we sat down to talk for about 2 hours and immediately clicked!  We talked about blockchain and art and they invited me to be a speaker on their next event, I was so happy and it really felt like one of those magic happens moments I always experience when I follow my impulses.

The crowd was diverse and everyone was excited to share their opinions on how we can incorporate art and blockchain to improve the process of buying and selling art and intellectual property rights.

I have always dreamed of speaking in public and it was such a thrilling exciting thing to be out there sharing my ideas and knowledge, sparking up the curiosity of the crowd.

And the best part it was also one of the first live streams ever for me and made the evening accessible to so many people from all over the world.

It was also the day I met my talented friend Luis Londono, he right away loved my work and came to my second art event / bday party a week later. He has been supporting me and collecting my works and we are eventually planning to go on vacations to the Maldives...

Everyone from the team at Blockchain Center Colombia wihsing you the Best Day Ever!

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