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art mob downtown miami

miss frais exhibit downtown miami 2019.j

I was literally chosen last minute to participate and it ended up being my most successful art week show​.

miss frais and art collector Fritz at ex

It was the opening day of my exhibit in downtown Miami at the old Macy's building, I was running around like crazy that day when I get a call from Sergey telling me to run over to the exhibit because a very important art collector  called Fritz, wants to buy my paintings!!!

My heart was racing and immediately I ran over there and get introduced to the sweetest guy and his husband, here he is holding my hand after buying two of my paintings.

miss frais exhibit downtown miami 2019.j

Fritz asked me about each one of my paintings, and when I got to the ones he bought right away I saw the sparkle in his eyes, I told him that  every day I would paint in my room, when I just had moved to Miami and most of Miss Frais art was very sad or disappointed faces, very emotional because I didn't believed I was an artist yet and felt really frustrated.

miss frais exhibit downtown miami 2019.j

I want to give a big thanks to artist Do What You Love for introducing me to Angela, a very talented buissness woman and art lover from Russia, she was in charge of the event and made sure everything went smooth like a peach!

miss frais exhibit downtown miami 2019.j

And off course to all my friends and new people I met that came out to support me I love you all.

miss frais_Gabby_Juan_Nicole at Marie Sa

Here we are at Marie Saint Pierre boutique in Wynwood, I worked here for one year before being a full time artist. Gabby, Juan and Nicole where some of my first art collectors. I Love you so much thank you for always believing in me.

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